Hardware Set

CSN Two Rugged Mobile Phone

The N2 is a IP68 compact smartphone which has 3.5-inch screen and a long battery life. Ideal for WeightCAPTURE, is robust and the most affordable of all the smartphones we propose. It has also NFC and dual SIM. The phone is Android 6 and has a keypad or touchscreen.

CSV One Rugged Mobile Phone

The V1H is a 5-inch Android 6 smartphone, dual SIM. IP68, 4 core processor. Is well accepted in the Kenyan and Tanzanian Market.

Crane Scale OCS-BT

The Crane Scale we propose is made of Metallic Frame, is extremely robust and has Bluetooth module (Bluetooth 4 or 2). IP54 rated can be tuned for weights going from 100 to 1,000 Kg. The indicator shows LED Luminant digits. Widely used in Tea factories.

Bluetooth Printer CS12

The SPRT 12 is the a very reliable printer with intense black on white printing and the possibility to print barcodes, logos, fonts of different size, bold. The particularity of this printer is that it has a very long battery life and can hold power for weeks.