The WeightCAPTURE™ Set is comprised of:

  • A WeightCAPTURE™ Scale up to any amount of Kg (more/less as requested)
  • A Bluetooth Connector between Scale and Smartphone
  • A Rugged Smartphone with Android
  • A Bluetooth Printer
  • Fingerprint Recognition (optional)
  • WeightCAPTURE™ Mobile App
  • WeightCAPTURE™ Server App
  • Training for the operators
  • Hosting and Reporting
  • Mobile Payments and Advances with Instapesa
  • Email and phone support including backup

CAPTURE Solutions™ provides a Web Based application to control and report all the information captured by the System in order to combine all data. The web application can also control the location of every farmer and clerk at the moment of collection, and can also send information to the mobiles like change of price or routes. The Backend has access rights and rules; it also is secured with HTTPS.

Every Farmer can also get an NFC Card to tight the System to the Farmer/Member and eliminate the issue of mis-identification. The card can also store information about the amount of Kg collected and money to be given for the Kg given.

CAPTUREPesa™ is a Mobile loan app to provide cash advances and farm inputs financing for small holder farmers. It allows small holder farmers to apply for and get instant credit information (how much the farmer qualifies for based on agriculture commodities that the farmer has delivered and is awaiting payment), loan status and payment updates. The advances and farm inputs loans are disbursed directly and conveniently to the farmer’s phone by Mpesa mobile money.

CapturePESA Card

CapturePESA Card can be used worldwide through the MasterCard network. The Card is NFC enabled to identify account holders.

CapturePESA Account

Through Direct Pay Online CapturePESA can provide an account to allow transferring money to it in order to process the money into the CapturePESA Card.

The WeightCAPTURE application has the capability of managing the payment of all the farmers, pluckers and factory employees. Through our special module the system allows to directly link MPESA (Mobile Pay) with the Farmers Payment Module of WeightCAPTURE. The convenience is to enable payments to be speedy, accurate and cheaper than normal methods (bank transactions).

Once the weight of the produce is factored whenever payment is due a special report will state how much is due to be put in the MPESA Bank account in order to proceed with the final payment of farmers through MPESA.

Once activated the payment will be pushed to all farmers MPESA (Mobile Pay) accounts in few minutes (even for 10,000 farmers or more).

The cost for this service varies from country to country which is far less than the price Factories have to pay to Banks for their transactions. The other advantage is that the farmer receives the amount on its phone in very short time directly on its MPESA (mobile pay) account. A report for payments done is also provided and can be matched from the amount disbursed in the MPESA (mobile pay) account.

WeightCAPTURE SMS Module

The system dispatches any type of the SMSs to the farmers.

  1. The SMS can be for the new farmers where you select the route and the date of registration welcoming them to the factory.
  2. The monthly payment notification message for the farmers and etc.
  3. Any other notification that you wish to send.